What’s Changed

We previously maintained four websites.

  • www.jamessamanenconsulting.com
  • www.discoverymanagementsolutions.com
  • www.portfoliomanagementsolutions.com, and
  • www.projectleadersolutions.com

The …solutions.com sites were built as blogs. But their management was insufficiently rewarding.

www.jamessamanenconsulting.com included a function that enabled  purchase of whitepapers, which is no longer available. But the whitepapers are still available! Check out the list of whitepapers, ebooks and webinars under Service Provided.

Consolidating efforts to two websites while maintaining the information content made sense, while continuing the presence of James Samanen Consulting.

A further consolidation to a single website is planned – to just  www.discoverymanagementsolutions.com

We hope you like the changes – we do!