The Ideal Organization

There is no ideal organization.  Each biotech and bio/pharmaceutical company will have a somewhat different organization.  Every style of organization has its benefits and its problems.  What usually poses a problem in any particular style of organization is not in the way R&D is organized but in the way it is practiced.  Two companies may have the same style of organization and have different problems.

What usually prevents change to a more ideal organization is the resistance to change.  Consequently top-down mandates don’t always work (poor compliance), and conversely, bottom-up requests for change aren’t always accepted.

Any particular line department will prefer to optimize its organization at the expense of other lines departments.  The senior manager must champion the value of the matrix of line departments in working towards the common goal of Bio/pharmaceutical R&D as superseding the needs of any particular line department.

Nonetheless, there are general themes to the organization of bio/pharmaceutical R&D which are universal.  These will be enumerated below.