Challenges to Project Progress

A Gate (milestone) decision should not impede project progress, unless the project is not ready to proceed to the next stage (has not fulfilled the progression criteria) or the decision makers believe it should not progress to the next stage.  The company must not place observance of the stage-gate system ahead of capitalizing on opportunities critical to the future of the company.   Some progression criteria may be ignored if the organization is eager to push the project into the next stage, typically to fill a portfolio gap.  The remaining criteria must be fulfilled in the next stage if the project is to succeed in the long term. 1   Progress may be impeded at a gate (milestone) if the managing organization that will assume responsibility in the next stage is not ready to take on the project (typically due to budgetary or strategic issues).

  1. There may a critical go/no-go issue in the next phase on which a team may be allowed to address only, on the condition that the team will work on nothing else in that phase until the issue is resolved, e.g. a) no tool compounds – need to screen to find one to enhance Target Validation; b) a safety or PK issue that may limit efficacy – need to perform a microdosing clinical study to evaluate the issue in humans