Small Molecule, Peptide and Protein-Based Drugs

The pharmacopeia has long contained drugs based on small molecules, peptides and proteins. Yet the historical preponderance of small molecules in the pharmacopeia has led many in the pharmaceutical industry to be rather unfamiliar with the discovery and development of peptide and protein-based drugs. We have prepared an e-book for those in the industry who may be less familiar with peptide and protein-based drugs and feel the need to understand the growth of this important sector of biopharmaceutical R&D. In it we will examine, compare and contrast the R&D of small molecules, peptides and proteins.

Biopharmaceuticals are drugs of any stripe – small molecule, peptide or protein-based.  Whereas biologics or biotherapies fall within the broad realm of therapies that include vaccines, cell or gene therapies, therapeutic protein hormones, cytokines and tissue growth factors, and monoclonal antibodies, this book will focus on the categories of biotherapies that are presently managed by the U.S. FDA Center for Drugs Evaluation and Research (CDER): monoclonal antibodies, cytokines, tissue growth factors and therapeutic proteins.  These will be referred to as protein-based drugs

We also can present the information in the form of a webinar.

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