Non-aligned Resource – Platform Technologies

For some areas of expertise it may be more economical or efficient to avoid the duplication of resource across Therapy Areas and Business Units.  Such areas of expertise may be organized as service organizations to the Therapy Areas.

Other areas of expertise may be focused on performing all of the work in specific stages, e.g. the departments need to perform Lead Discovery and Preclinical Evaluation may be organized into individual organizations that have responsibilities for managing projects in those stages.

These tend to include but are not limited to a) biology and biochemistry staff engaged in screening activities and protein crystallography, b) chemistry staff focused on early lead discovery, analytical chemistry,  computational chemistry and molecular modeling, and bulk preparation of clinical trial materials, c) cell biology staff engaged in genetic/genomic disease-target association and biomarker activities, d) biology and biochemistry staff engaged in preclinical and clinical drug metabolism studies, pharmacokinetics, and toxicology e) finance, legal, alliance management, information management, IT support, and operations management.   Inevitably, however, such line departments will need representatives to each TA or dedicate certain staff to each TA.  There will always be tension between the TA’s and non-aligned resource.

This website is concerned with the management of projects that involve a matrix of line departments.  A useful reference on line management is the recently revised book by Bamfield. 1

  1. Peter Bamfield, “Research and Development in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry”, Wiley-VCH, 2006.