Services Provided

James Samanen Consulting provides the Following Services.

  • Program and Project Leader training and coaching to enhance the skill set of your program or project leaders.
  • Individual meetings with managers of bio/pharmaceutical R&D to assess their project or portfolio management needs. Such meetings are best conducted in person, although teleconferencing is a suitable adjunct once a working relationship has been established.
  • Working with managers to implement solutions to their management problems.
  • We can engage our network of service providers to help implement solutions to client problems.
  • Subject matter expertise in the areas of medicinal chemistry, especially in the areas of peptide mimetics, e.g. angiotensin II antagonists, GPIIb/IIIa antagonists (fibrinogen receptor antagonists), and alpha-v beta-3 antagonists (vitronectin receptor antagonists) and gp120 antagonists as novel HIV therapy.

If you have a need in any of these areas, please Contact Us.

Also provided are

  • Two websites on the areas of discovery management, and project & portfolio management which help to frame problems that managers of pharmaceutical R&D might face within their organizations, or problems that external contractors might face when interfacing with big pharma and provide solutions to their problems.  Check them out! (this site) (click here to go there)