Resource Tracking

Knowing when work begins and completes is only part of project tracking.  True project management includes Resource Tracking [1] – determining how many staff members of a particular department have been engaged in performing a particular task for a project and how long they worked on the task.  With a history of resource tracking, each department should be able to perform capacity planning for the months ahead and potentially years ahead.  A goal of portfolio management should be to predict situations that either dramatically reduce departmental resource need or dramatically escalate departmental resource need.  Capacity planning is thought to be more challenging in Discovery than Development because the processes in Discovery can be less routine, (but is this true?).

We have prepared a white paper on Resource Tracking in which we discuss the following subjects.

  1. Elements of a Robust Resource Tracking System
  2. Differences Between Discovery and Development that Influence Resource Tracking
  3. Dedicated versus As-Required Resource
  4. Discontinuous Application of Resource – the Reality
  5. Resource Tracking – What You Get
  6. In-house vs. External Resource Application
  7. Project Dependence and Stage Independence of Resource Application
  8. Resource Analysis and Capacity Planning

[1] Also discussed in Section The Standard for Portfolio Management, 2nd Ed. P. 62, Project Management Institute, 2008

To learn more about this whitepaper please go to the section “Whitepapers and Webinars on Portfolio Management from James Samanen Consulting” and look for the whitepaper entitled ”Resource Tracking in Biopharmaceutical R&D”.