Project & Program Management in Bio/pharmaceutical R&D

Effective Project and Program Management is a critical component of Discovery and Development Management of Bio/pharmaceutical R&D. Managers of small bio/pharmaceutical companies often believe they are sufficiently on top of their organizations that they don’t need project and program management. They should at least familiarize themselves with the concepts to know whether they are missing something.

In our website we discuss the following topics. For your convenience some of these topics are repeated in this section of this website, as listed below.

Project & Program Management in Bio/pharmaceutical R&D

  • Project Management for Consultants
  • What is a project? What is a program?
  • Program/Project Leadership versus Stage
  • Program/Project Authority versus Organizational Structure
  • Discovery vs Development
  • Roles of a Project Team Leader
  • Dealing with Scientists on a Project Team
  • Qualities of a Good Project Leader
  • Qualities of a Good Team Representative

Project Tracking for Project Management in Bio/pharmaceutical R&D

  • Discovery vs Development
  • Keep it Simple
  • What to Track
  • What do we Know about Cost?
  • Benchmarking through a Consortium
  • Detailed Project Planning
  • Critical Criteria
  • IT Tools for Project Tracking
  • Progress Tracking
  • Outsourced Projects, Incognito

Project Tracking is also essential data for Portfolio Management. In the section “Project Tracking for Portfolio Management in Bio/pharmaceutical R&D” we discuss data that is essential to Portfolio Management but not for Project Management.