Project Portfolio History

A best practice relating to Project Tracking is to maintain as complete a data set of project information on inactive projects as you would for active projects. Over time this set of information becomes the project portfolio history. The Project Portfolio History can be extremely useful for the following analyses.

  • Showing changes to the portfolio over time.
  • Showing changes to the portfolio before and after a change in strategy.
  • Predicting change to the portfolio over time (best done with simulation software, but data from the portfolio history seed the simulation).

We have created a white paper on this subject, which covers the following topics.

  1. Elements of a Project Portfolio History
  2. Best Practice in Maintaining a Project Portfolio History – Change Events
  3. Showing Changes to the Portfolio Over Time.
  4. Showing Changes to the Portfolio Before and After a Change in Strategy.
  5. Predicting Change to the Portfolio Over Time
  6. Impact of Reorganization Decisions on Project Portfolio History

To learn more about this whitepaper please go to the section “Whitepapers and Webinars on Portfolio Management from James Samanen Consulting” and look for the whitepaper entitled “Maintaining a Project Portfolio History in Bio/pharmaceutical R&D”.