Project Identifiers

Project Identifiers are the set of descriptors that uniquely define a project in a portfolio of projects. A robust set of identifiers requires community consensus, compliance and stability. When any one of these factors changes, the corporation is at risk of losing its ability to make decisions from a portfolio perspective. The bio/pharmaceutical R&D pipeline is usually divided between two organizations, Discovery and Development, which can lead to divergence in project identifier standards and the risk of at least partial collapse of transparency between the two organizations. We have prepared a downloadable white paper in which we attempt to define best practice in project identifier usage.

The white paper covers the following topics.

  1. The Well-crafted Project ID number and Project Title
  2. Challenges to unique, concise project identification
    1. Project ID Number
    2. Project Title
    3. Biological Target Name
    4. Biological Target ID Number
    5. Biological Action
    6. Mechanism of Action (Target and Biological Action)
    7. Therapy Area
    8. Disease Area
    9. Indication
    10. Target Class
    11. Route of Administration
    12. Recycling Project ID numbers.
  3. Project Identifiers vs. Multiple Shots on Goal (Lead, Back-up, Follow-up)

To learn more about this whitepaper please go to the section “Whitepapers and Webinars on Portfolio Management from James Samanen Consulting” and look for the whitepaper entitled ” Project Identifiers that Uniquely Distinguish Projects in the Portfolio”.