Portfolio Decision Analysis

Most decisions about the portfolio have more than one option.  Decision Analysis examines all the options and drives to a decision in a structured manner.  Portfolio Managers can play a pivotal role in overseeing the process.  Decision Analysis is a structured approach to informed decision making.

We have prepared a whitepaper on this subject, “Portfolio Decision Analysis
in Bio/pharmaceutical Discovery”. Below is a list of topics.

  1. What is Portfolio Decision Analysis, Where is it Used and Who Does It?
  2. What is Portfolio Decision Analysis?
  3. When is Portfolio Decision Analysis Used?
  4. Who Does Portfolio Decision Analysis? Role of Portfolio Management
  5. Tools that Support Decision Analysis
  6. Storing Portfolio Analyses
  7. Analyses Need to be Available before the Decision
  8. Views of the Analyses
  9. Factors Mitigating Against Informed Decision Making

To learn more about this whitepaper please go to the section “Whitepapers and Webinars on Portfolio Management from James Samanen Consulting” and look for the whitepaper entitled “Portfolio Decision Analysis
in Bio/pharmaceutical Discovery”.