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Throughout this blog the reader will find useful reference material in the form of books, journal articles and websites that the author has referenced and that the author recommends.  Such references and links to that information are interspersed throughout the website.  Creating and maintaining a website does incur some cost.  The reader will find links to a number of PDF files derived from or expanding upon subjects in this website, which may be purchased in Downloads.

This website starts with first principles, attempting to provide a cohesive set of information for someone just entering the field, but annotated with a full outline, and key word search (at the top of the left navigation bar) so that anyone with a particular question can quickly get to an answer.   It is set up as a blog so that readers can make comments to help improve the content. Please feel free to comment!

In certain spots, the author believes potential clients would benefit from an in-depth discussion.  There the reader will find invitations to download more detailed position pieces or guides on the subject.  The content provided in the website and position pieces may be sufficient help to the reader.  If more information is sought, or if the reader would like to bring the author in for a discussion to their company, please contact us.


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