Discovery Management in relation to Project and Portfolio Management

I go to a lot of meetings. (Here I will use the first person).

When I go to Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) meetings, I encounter biopharmaceutical company managers in Development who are quite familiar with the principles and practices of PPM. They use PPM jargon and work with MS Project and related products. They often have staff that are PMI-certified. They all talk about the issues confronting Development leaders and how to resolve the issues. They don’t really talk much about issues confronting Discovery leaders.

I go to an occasional Executive Forum, where senior managers of biopharmaceutical R&D talk about the issues facing the Industry and what their particular companies are doing about it. They don’t really talk directly about issues confronting Discovery leaders.

There are no meetings on Discovery Management. At least I am not aware of any. So I go to meetings that deal with the science of Drug Discovery. There I encounter leaders and managers from Discovery who are excited about science, as would be expected. These Discovery leaders and line managers may have some familiarity with PPM jargon and may have seen a demonstration of MS project or related products. But they don’t seem to see that PPM is important in Discovery Management. And they aren’t too keen on talking about problems with managing Discovery. It’s like a private matter.

So this website is intended to challenge Discovery managers about the issues they face in managing the business of Drug Discovery. We will not focus on the science of Drug Discovery. There are huge issues challenging this business. Many of these issues are issues that challenge the whole business – Discovery and Development. Some of the issues arise from Development and the solutions come at the expense of Discovery. To free up the discussion we will focus on Discovery Management and not get hung up on whether the context may actually be Project or Portfolio Management, Discovery or Development.  That said, a number of Discovery Management issues have project or portfolio management solutions. When such issues are discussed the reader will be directed to the appropriate pages that had been previously created in this website or in the related website