Building a Blog on Bio/pharmaceutical Discovery Management

Having worked for 31 years in the bio/pharmaceutical industry the author recently found himself in early retirement and began to search the web for information outside his parent company on topics of interest to him. He was surprised at the relative lack of a cohesive set of information on the management of Drug Discovery, so he decided to set about creating such a website himself.

The author believes that the principles discussed here are applicable across the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, biotechnology, and life sciences industries. The electronic format of the blog was selected to enable readers to provide feedback on any section. Unlike most blogs this site is not intended to be an open chat room on Bio/pharmaceutical Portfolio Management.  But we will respond to your constructive comments.

In most blogs, the text employs the first person but the author believes most readers could take offense at the use of the first person in discussing relatively universal subject matter. Thus we tend to avoid the use of the first person.

You are welcome to comment upon any of the content. Constructive suggestions that help improve this website are most appreciated and will be used!


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