A Best Practice Website

Given the tremendous pressures on the bio/pharmaceutical industry, it is no wonder that the industry is intensely reconsidering how it develops drugs. We believe that many of the lessons learned from the way drugs have been developed will always apply to Bio/pharmaceutical R&D regardless of any new organizational models adopted by bio/pharmaceutical companies.

This website enumerates these lessons and provide them to the community as guidelines to success regardless of the particular style of management organization. Its emphasis is on Discovery Management, and more precisely, best practice for Discovery Project and Portfolio Management.

Those engaged in Development Management or other pursuits within the Bio/pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Life Sciences Industry are also likely to find useful information here.

There is a difference between Best Practice and the specific needs of any bio/pharmaceutical organization. Please refer to the Section Levels of Project and Portfolio Management to determine where your company falls on the learning curve. We can then help you determine what your fit for purpose solution might be – please Contact Us.